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Etobicoke and Mimico Creek Stewardship

Two exciting stewardship projects are happening in the Etobicoke Creek and Mimico Creek watersheds. These "Trail Stewards" projects engage citizens, community groups, schools and businesses in the improvement of the health of creeks and surrounding areas. Native tree and shrub planting and installing wildlife habitat structures are some of the activities offered to restore and enhance forest, meadow and wetland habitats. Both projects offer educational workshops, interpretive walks and community events open to the public or designed specifically for your group.

Project Activities

1) Naturalization Plantings
Come out to a City of Mississauga or City of Brampton park to plant native trees and shrubs. Schools, businesses, faith groups and the larger community are welcome to participate. Tools, training and refreshments are provided.

2) Creek Clean-Ups
Etobicoke and Mimico creeks flow into Lake Ontario, our main source of drinking water. They are also home to aquatic insects and animals. Help improve the health of these creeks. Clean-ups are held throughout the year. Equipment and refreshments are provided.

3) Community Education Workshops
From turtles to trees, there is a workshop for you. Past workshop topics included container gardening for small spaces, native plant gardening and energy efficiency.

4) Tuesdays on the Trail
Learn more about the "wild" side of your community. Take part in "Tuesdays on the Trail", held the first and last Tuesday of the month in Brampton or Mississauga. These are guided walks to experience nature in a new way.

5) Malton Stewardship Day
This is a community-wide environmental festival held each year during the last week of April. Take part in a native tree planting, clean-up and other fun environmental activities for the whole family.

6) Environmental Activity Stations - * Attention Teachers *
Explore the outdoors at one of four stations along the Malton Greenway Trail. These stations are coming soon to the Etobicoke Creek Trail in Brampton. Themes include: Plants, aquatic life, birds and human-environment interactions. Activity kits are being distributed to Malton schools in spring 2009. Kits can also be loaned to community groups. See contact information listed below if you are interested in this unique environmental education opportunity.

For event details, go to:

Etobicoke - Mimico Watersheds Background

Etobicoke and Mimico creeks watersheds are situated side by side in the western part of TRCA's jurisdiction. Both creeks originate on the south slope of the Oak Ridges Moraine and travel south to Lake Ontario. The watersheds total 28,860 hectares in size and support over 400,000 people, and large numbers of businesses and industries.
Today, the Etobicoke and Mimico creeks watersheds contain only remnants of what was once an ecologically complex network of upland and valleyland forests, meadows and wetlands. Urbanization has led to the straightening of streams, draining of wetlands, the removal of large areas of forest and riparian vegetation, and the loss of many species of wildlife. These creeks can be restored to health if we work together and make them a priority.

To achieve the vision for a living city, the Etobicoke-Mimico Watersheds Coalition, established by the TRCA, released a strategy document in 2002 entitled Greening our Watersheds. It details specific objectives, targets and actions for the revitalization of the Etobicoke-Mimico watershed. Our Mississauga and Brampton stewardship activities work to achieve goals set out in this document.

Get involved

We welcome your participation in project activities. Please contact us to get yourself, your school, organization or family involved in stewardship activities. Here are just a few ways you can take part:

  • Volunteer at a community tree planting;
  • Organize a litter clean-up with our help;
  • Join our event planning committee;
  • Attend a nature walk or workshop; or
  • Take your class to an environmental activity station.

General Information: (416) 661-6600 ext.5748
Malton Stewardship Hotline: (905) 615-4640 ext. 2513

Etobicoke-Mimico Stewardship
c/o TRCA, 5 Shoreham Drive,
Downsview, ON, M3N 1S4

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