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Multicultural Connections

Multicultural ConnectionsIntroducing new Canadians to their local
natural environment

  Approximately 30% of Canadians speak a language other  than English. The Greater Toronto Area has been called the most culturally and ethnically diverse region in all of Canada, with more than 50% of the population born in countries outside of Canada. 

Since 1997, TRCA has engaged new Canadians in environmental initiatives and stewardship projects by reducing language, cultural and economic barriers, traditionally limiting their participation.

Our goal is to collaborate with community partners to continually develop a variety of innovative strategies and programs to engage the diverse audiences we serve. We work with community groups, faith groups, cultural organizations, English as a Second Language(ESL) and Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) centres and settlement agencies.

By researching and compiling demographic information we are able to:

  • Build a database of active community, cultural, faith group and settlement agencies.
  • Identify new community action projects in large immigrant settlement areas.
  • Translate fact sheets into the most common languages spoken across the GTA.
  • Identify and reduce barriers that limit new Canadians from exploring green spaces. 
  • Acquire knowledge and insight into new Canadian perspectives of nature and their attitude towards green spaces


Environmental Experience Subsidy Program (EESP)

Through this program, we subsidize group trips and offer guided tours at 7 different locations:

Subsidy grants are limited. To find out if your group is eligible, contact the Coordinator of Multicultural Connections Program via e-mail

For detailed information on locations, programs and facilities at our conservation areas, visit


ESL/LINC Environmental Outreach Program

We offer adults enrolled in the ESL (English as a second Language) or LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) program with in-class, hands-on learning experiences about local environmental issues,environmental action and conservation.

Program Benefits:

  • FREE interactive sessions
  • Offered at your own LINC facility
  • Curriculum-based presentations
  • Hands-on environmental learning 
  • Focussed on appropriate language levels
  • Provides ESL vocabulary in advance.
  • Resource materials, games, word exercises and evaluation sheets provided to teachers and students.

Program Descriptions:

  • Great Lakes
    Students understand the role and importance of  the Great Lakes. Participants are encouraged to come up with strategies to keep our lakes clean through simple everyday choices.
  • Climate Change
    Find out how Climate Change affects us through interactive games, slide show presentations and group activities. Students will learn and explore different solutions to effectively deal with this global crisis.
  • Water Conservation
    With the help of a DVD presentation and model demonstration, students learn about water as a critical resource, the role of watersheds and practical ways to conserve water everyday.
  • Energy Conservation
    Learn why using energy as efficiently and effectively as possible will be essential to meet future energy needs. Through the use of props, an appliance activity and an energy audit, students learn the importance of conserving energy and practical ways to do it.
  • Solid Waste Management
    Through the use of props, interactive games, group activities and a PowerPoint presentation, students learn the importance of the "3 R-principle" and how waste is managed in their respective municipalities.
  • Eco Chic
    Explore 20 different inexpensive and easy options to have a more environmentally friendly home. A slide-show, games, props and interactive models are used to reinforce the message.
  • Land-use and Transportation
    Students gain an understanding of how land is used and the impacts caused by changing land-use and transportation patterns around the world. Through creative art and group discussions, students learn how to modify their own landscapes and the means of transportation they use.

To book a presentation, please call 416-661-6600 Ext.5394 or e-mail:


Contact Information

Coordinator, Multicultural Connections Program
Toronto and Region Conservation
Tel: 416-661-6600.Ext.5394


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Environmental Experience Subsidy Program (EESP)

ESL Environmental Outreach Program

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