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Pollinator Plants Restoration Project

April 1, 2011-March 31, 2014


The Pollinator Plants Restoration Project engages community groups, schools and faith groups in the restoration of pollinator habitat through wildflower planting, community gardens and education.

Wildflower PlantingAchievements so far:

  • Planted 5,200 native wildflowers in Morningside Park
  • Planted 600 trees and flowering shrubs in Morningside Park
  • Installed a Pollinator Garden (1100 native wildflowers) at the Salvation Army Agincourt Community Church and at St. Bede's School (1000 native wildflowers)
  • Converted approximately 1.5 ha of land from turf grass to native pollinator habitat
  • Provided 10 gardens with bee condos 
  • Hosted a Gardening with Native Plants workshop for the public 
  • Hosted a Creating a Community Garden at your Place of Worship workshop
  • Hosted Creating a Butterfly Garden at your School Workshop Wildflower Planting Girl

In total, over 1,725 people have volunteered their time to make the pollinator plant restoration project a success!


This project is being undertaken thanks to the financial support of:

Environ Canada