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Citizen scientists sought to protect wildlife TRCA launches Road Ecology Citizen Science Project April 7 in Vaughan

TRCA is launching a new initiative — the Road Ecology Citizen Science Project — using volunteers to help gather data on wildlife “road interaction”.


Innovative Mapping Technology tells Story of Hurricane Hazel and Progression of TRCA Flood Management Systems

Released today, Toronto and Region Conservation's (TRCA) 'Toronto A City of Rivers' tells the story of where we've been and where we are now in flood management in an innovative way, using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology with a written narrative.


TRCA Statement on the death of Rob Ford

Condolences expressed by TRCA Chair Maria Augimeri.


The Brook Never Sleeps: Young people take to the creek at annual Uxbridge environmental event

More than 40 young people filled Uxbridge Town Hall today and later explored the nearby Uxbridge Brook as part of The Brook Never Sleeps, a hands-on, educational event that introduces young people to the nature and ecology of their local creek.


5 lost rivers that run under Toronto

As early city builders would find, it's actually quite difficult to completely erase a river, and many of the waterways that once penetrated downtown Toronto still exist, re-routed into culverts or sewers and (mostly) from view. BlogTO looks at five buried rivers that used to flow through Toronto.