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Take Action in the Highland Creek

Take Action in the Highland Creek!

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Connect with the Creek

Visit Connect with the Creek for up-to-date information about activities, projects, and events within the Highland Creek watershed.

Highland Creek Green Team

The Highland Creek Green Team, a collective of passionate Highland community members, is taking the Greening Plans and putting them into action on the ground - actively addressing key issues that impact the health of the Highland including urban stormwater runoff and the loss of natural features.

With the involvement of homeowners, apartment residents, school groups, college students, and other special interest groups, the Highland Creek Green Team is learning and informing others about local environmental issues and are building capacity to effect change at home, school, in parks, and other sites around their neighbourhoods.

Are you interested in the initiatives identified in the Greening Plans? Do you want to help make a difference in your neighbourhood? Take action and get involved with the Highland Creek Green Team! Join us at the next Green Team event!

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Take Action!

  • Take action right in your back yard!  TRCA's Healthy Yards Program provides residents with the inspiration, information and tools required to create naturally beautiful lawns and gardens.
  • LEAF's backyard tree program offers native trees and shrubs to homeowners at a subsidized cost.
  • Install a rain barrel to capture and reuse water in your yard.  Save water and money on your water bill.
  • Disconnect your downspout to reduce the amount of water flowing directly to the storm sewer system.  Contact the City of Toronto for more information and learn more with the Do It Yourself guide.
  • Check out the Resources page for more information.