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Ontario EcoSchools

Toronto and Region Conservation has been supporting and facilitating the implementation of Ontario EcoSchools since 2002. As an active member of the Ontario EcoSchools Steering Committee, TRCA recognizes the value and critical importance of the program's overarching goal - "to help students develop both ecological literacy and environmental practices to become environmentally responsible citizens".

Designed by School Boards and Schools

One of the challenges that school boards face is their sheer size and the lack of infrastructure and personnel to coordinate the numerous environmental initiatives within the board. There are many teachers, staff, students and parents that are taking on extraordinary projects and initiating significant environmental change, but often in isolation.

The Ontario EcoSchools program provides a manageable, accessible framework for leading and supporting environmental initiatives, present and future, at schools. Its four main areas of focus - Energy Conservation, Waste Minimization, Ecological Literacy and School Ground Greening - strive to create links between what is taught in the classroom and how schools are run on a day-to-day basis.

The program's emphasis on collaborative and sustainable initiatives has a proven track record for achieving results. For instance, Certified EcoSchools use less energy than non-Certified EcoSchools. An independent analysis of energy use at the Toronto DSB indicates that on average, Certified EcoSchools use 12% less electricity and 7% less natural gas than comparable non-Certified EcoSchools.

It is free to participate in the Ontario EcoSchools program. The first step is to coordinate with your school board's EcoSchools representative. If you don't know who your board's representative is, email Ontario EcoSchools to find out.

For more information about Ontario EcoSchools, to download resources, or review the program guides, please visit

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