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Yellow Fish Road Program

What is the Yellow Fish Road™ program?

The Yellow Fish Road™ program was developed by Trout Unlimited Canada. Your Yellow Fish Road™ program will start with an interactive presentation about storm water pollution that shows how storm drains are linked to local water bodies without any purification. Next you will go outside to paint local storm drains with yellow fish symbols and distribute educational leaflets to homes in the neighbourhood. By participating in the program your group can protect local water bodies and help to raise awareness about storm water pollution.

Who can participate?

The Yellow Fish Road™ program is ideal for students in Grades 2 -12, Guides and Scouts, and corporate and community groups.

When can I participate?

This half-day program runs from mid-April until the end of October each year.

How can I learn more or request a program?

Questions? Contact the Yellow Fish Road™ coordinator at 416.661.6600 ext. 5764 or

Yellow Fish Road™ Resources