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Parallel Planning Processes

The DMNP EA and the LDL Master Plan Class EA processes are significant City-building initiatives that are progressing from the EA stage to the detailed design and construction stage.  However, many other City-building initiatives are underway within the surrounding Port Lands area, that requires consideration and integration with the DMNP and LDLs.  TRCA, Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto are continuing to ensure strong lines of communication with these other undertakings. 

These undertakings include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

Port Lands Acceleration Initiative (which includes the Villier's Island Precinct Plan, Film Studios Precinct Plan, the Port Lands Planning Framework and Transportation and Servicing Master Plan)

Gardiner East: Gardiner Expressway & Lake Shore Boulevard Reconfiguration Environmental Assessment & Urban Design Study 

West Don Lands and the Lower Don River West Remedial Flood Protection Project

Don River and Central Waterfront Project  

TTC Relief Line Project Assessment