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Consultant Team

Dillon Consulting Limited

A team of consultants led by Dillon Consulting Limited were retained by the TRCA to conduct the Class EA for the Lower Don River West Remedial Flood Protection Project.

Dillon Consulting Limited was the lead consultant, responsible for the overall delivery of services, project management, and the integration of the analyses by all team members. The firm operates from 18 offices to provide services to clients in Canada, the USA and overseas, and offers a staff complement of over 400 professionals with diverse capabilities. A major strength of Dillon includes their wide ranging experience in the planning, design and implementation of major flood control projects.

Similarly, Dillon has been at the forefront of the Canadian consulting industry in the field of environmental assessment since the advent of provincial and federal processes in the 1970's. In addition to being experienced practitioners, their staff is also engaged in teaching environmental assessment, and the development of EA techniques and procedures for federal and provincial agencies (including Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) procedures for ports and harbours across Canada).

Waterfront related projects include Pacific Place in Vancouver, and numerous redevelopment/port planning assignments within Ontario municipalities, including Windsor, Toronto, and Sault Ste. Marie
The other members of the Consultant Team included:

  1. Acres International Limited;
  2. URS Canada;
  3. Envision - the Hough Group;
  4. FIScH Engineering;
  5. Parish Geomorphic; and,
  6. Greenberg Consultants.

Marshall Macklin Monaghan

Marshall Macklin Monaghan (MMM) conducted the hydraulic analysis for the Class EA for the Lower Don River West Remedial Flood Protection Project.

With respect to the Hydraulic Study, MMM was assigned the following responsibilities:

  • Establishing the hydraulic models;
  • Preparing and running the models for the alternatives developed through the EA process;
  • Providing expertise on the model, limited to only set-up and output interpretation (MMM will not provide advice on the development and fine-tuning of the alternatives);
  • Providing all input and output data to TRCA and the consultant team; and
  • Ensuring that the data can be incorporated into the sediment transport/deposition models to be developed by the consultant team.

The consulting team directed and incorporated the hydraulic analysis information and recommendations produced by MMM into the coordinated EA process.