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Lakehurst Revetment Waterfront Maintenance Project

2012-05-18 PROJECT UPDATE: This project is now complete.

The objective of the project is to provide long-term erosion protection a section of the Scarborough Bluffs through the completion of repairs to the Lakehurst Revetment.

The Project

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is undertaking routine maintenance of the shoreline protection located at the base of the Scarborough Bluffs below Rosetta McClain Memorial Gardens and Lakehurst Crescent.



The Lakehurst Revetment was designed to minimize shoreline erosion and associated slope instability behind the residential neighbourhood at Lakehurst Crescent and Rosetta McClain Memorial Gardens, and was constructed in phases over a two year period between 1986 - 1987. Annual inspections since 2005 have shown that the west end of the Lakehurst Revetment has failed with a minor scour forming at the base of the bluffs in the area now void of shoreline protection. The cause of the failure is assumed to be the result of loss of materials due to wave action.

Scope of Work

The scope of the proposed works includes:

  • Reinstating 110 m of the existing access road
  • Backfilling the void between the existing edge of the revetment and the outfall with concrete rubble and 300 to 600 mm rip rap to an elevation of approximately 2.8 m above the existing grade
  • Facing the revetment with 4 to 6 tonne armourstone at an angle of approximately 1.5 H : 1V
  • Backfilling the scar area behind the revetment with earth fill to match existing grade
  • Surcharging the face of the revetment with cobble material to enhance fish habitat
  • Site restoration including planting the earth fill area with native shrubs

The overall proposed work area measures approximately 42 metres in length and will effectively restore the shoreline protection for this portion of the Scarborough Bluffs, from the current western limit of the existing structure to the headwall of the stormwater outfall to the west.

Backfilling and planting of the area behind the area of the failure will further reduce the risk of potential bluff instability by providing a more natural angle of repose for the lower bluff area, and through the introduction of plant rooting mass to aid in soil retention.

Construction Access and Timing

The site will be accessed via the existing construction road located opposite #14 Glen Everest Road. Construction materials will be stockpiled at the base of the bluffs below the eastern portion of Fishleigh Drive, and the active work zone is located west of the access road, below Rosetta McClain Gardens and Lakehurst Crescent.

Work is scheduled to commence the week of January 23, 2012, and will be on-going until March 31, 2012. In the interest of protecting public safety, temporary fencing and signage will be erected at the site to delineate the limits of the active work area and restrict public access while the work is underway.

Public Notices & Contact Information

The following Notice of Construction has been distributed to the local City Councillor, Gary Crawford (Ward 36 - Scarborough Southwest) and homes surrounding the project site:

Notice of Commencement

Signage has also been erected at the entrance to the construction access road (opposite # 14 Glen Everest Road) to advise the public of the trail closure and construction work, along with contact information where more details about the project can be obtained.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact:

Patricia Newland, B.Sc., A.Sc.T.
Project Manager, Environmental Engineering Projects
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
1 Eastville Avenue, Toronto, ON  M1M 2N5
Tel: (416) 392-9690