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About The Living City

It's the year 2100, and our great-great-grandchildren enjoy living and working in a city region that is cleaner, greener and healthier than the one we inhabit today.

living city imageSmog days no longer exist. The air in The Living City is clean. Buildings provide their own energy requirements and generate surplus energy for other community needs. Emissions in The Living City are minimized. Many people walk or bike to work, or use clean electric and fuel cell transit. The concept of 'waste' is a historical curiosity to our great-great-grandchildren. In 2100 all products, from clothes to cars, are designed so that when their usefulness is over, their components are used again and again to make similar high-quality products. The Living City is a vibrant part of nature that values and protects diverse habitats for wildlife, and in the process protects the sources of its own drinking water.

Our great-great-grandchildren are grateful to us for pioneering the Eco Revolution, preserving our cultural heritage and for creating the conditions that make The Living City thrive.


In the next 25 years, the population of the GTA is expected to grow by 48 per cent*. Where will all these new people live? Imagine the air quality from the additional vehicles on the road. How many more smog days can we expect?

We need to make big changes, fast. Changing behaviour is never easy, but what if we could all benefit from making sustainable choices? What if our economy became stronger? What if people felt healthier? What if our environment was cleaner? Or, what if our choices pushed us closer to environmental degradation and worsening human health?

"The Living City project is a remarkable initiative, which should have a significant impact on the quality of life in the GTA."

- The Honourable David E. Crombie, President and CEO,
Canadian Urban Institute


testToronto and Region Conservation is committed to embracing sustainability in all aspects of our operations and to serve as a resource for all organizations in which we have contact.

The Living City is a broad vision that can only be achieved with the help of our partners and the community as we aim to build a foundation of healthy rivers and shorelines, regional biodiversity, sustainable communities and business excellence.

Find out how you or your organization can become a part of The Living City. Call 416-661-6600.

[*Source: Places to Grow: Better Choices. Brighter Future. Province of Ontario. February 2005.]