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Land Acquisition

The TRCA uses land acquisition as a tool to protect environmentally significant natural heritage lands; to regenerate and rehabilitate of degraded areas; and to provide relief from flood and erosion hazard.

Acquisition1These lands consist of valley and stream corridors, the Lake Ontario waterfront, wetlands, kettle lakes, woodlots, flood control and reservoir lands and significant properties along the Niagara Escarpment and Oak Ridges Moraine. The majority of the Toronto region's extensive park and open space system is situated on TRCA lands. TRCA lands represent a greenlands system that offers a variety of opportunities for public use and enjoyment that are compatible with the resource base.

The main challenge we face is continuing the protection of the region's greenlands through acquisition in the face of unprecedented growth and reduced funding from our traditional partners. TRCA acquired 880 hectares of greenlands between 2006 and 2009, exceeding the target of 600 hectares established in the Greenlands Acquisition Project For 2006-2010 by almost 300 hectares in just four years.

In June of 2010 TRCA adopted a new 5-year project for acquisition entitled Greenlands Acquisition Project for 2011-2015. The purpose of the document is to provide background about, and implementation tools for, the acquisition of greenlands by TRCA.

Greenlands can be secured using the following:

  • Fee Simple - This is the purchase of the total interest in a property.
  • Easements - This includes Conservation Easements. Easements are the acquisition of specific or limited rights of use from an owner. Easements can provide for the protection of a resource, trail construction, public access, and construction and maintenance of regeneration works.
  • Covenants - Covenants restrict an owner from undertaking specific activities on all, or a portion, of the property.
  • Leases and Agreements - Leases and agreements, depending on their terms, can range from little more than a right to occupy to almost an equivalent of fee simple interest.

The Greenlands Acquisition Project for 2011-2015 (3,502K) is available here.

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