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Environmental Monitoring Resource Library

The Environmental Monitoring and Data Management team communicates the results of their long-term scientific data collection in reports and plans, and shares them within the organization as well as with partner municipalities and agencies.

General Reports

Aquatic Monitoring Reports

Terrestrial Monitoring Reports

Biological Inventories

Claireville Conservation Area, 2016 pdf icon 10,116 KB New!

Lambton Park, 2016 pdf icon 7,963 KB New!

Cold Creek Conservation Area, 2015 pdf icon 8,946 KB 

Glen Haffy, 2015 pdf icon 10,277 KB 

Indian Line, 2015 pdf icon 8,775 KB 

Major Creek, 2015 pdf icon 8,395 KB 

Stouffville Creek, 2015 8,799 KB pdf icon 

Town of Richmond Hill, 2015 2,318 KB pdf icon 

Upper Petticoat Creek, 2015 pdf icon 7,302 KB 

Altona Forest, 2014 pdf icon 8,156 KB 

Colonel Samuel Smith Park Study Area, 2014 pdf icon 2,080 KB

Humber Bay Park, 2014 pdf icon 6,215 KB 

Mimico Waterfront Linear Park, 2014 pdf icon 4,010 KB 

Port Union Waterfront Park Study Area, 2014 pdf icon 2,180 KB 

Bolton Camp, 2013 PDF icon 5,931 KB

Goodwood Resource Management Tract, 2013 PDF icon 5,407 KB

Ontario Power Generation Landfill, 2013 pdf icon 3,860 KB

The Living City Campus, 2013 pdf icon 11,107 KB 

Toogood Pond, 2013 PDF icon 6,018 KB

Bethesda Side Road and Leslie Street Study Area, 2012 PDF icon 5,091 KB

Bloomington Wetland, 2012 PDF icon 6,115 KB

Clubine Tract, 2012 PDF icon 4,800 KB

Kortright Conservation Area, 2012 PDF icon 4,110 KB

Marie Curtis Park, 2012 PDF icon 5,097 KB

Scarborough Shoreline, 2012 PDF icon 5,551 KB

Seneca College King Campus, 2012 PDF icon 6,897 KB

William Granger Greenway (Pine Grove to Boyd), 2012 PDF icon 5,773 KB

Brock Lands, 2011 PDF icon 5,364 KB

Humber Source Woods, 2011 PDF icon 4,685 KB

Markham East Woodlot, 2011 PDF icon 1,845 KB

Port Union Waterfront Park Study Area, 2011 PDF icon 8,293 KB

Bartley Smith Greenway (Section North of Jacob Keffer Parkway), 2010 PDF icon 5,461 KB

Beechwood Wetland and Cottonwood Flats, 2010 PDF icon 4,502 KB

Black Creek Pioneer Village North, 2010 PDF icon 6,292 KB

East Duffins Headwaters, 2010 PDF icon 6,565 KB

Maple Nature Reserve and Adjacent Lands, 2010 PDF icon 382 KB

Mimico Waterfront Park, 2010 PDF icon 2,015 KB

Petticoat Creek Conservation Area, 2010 PDF icon 4,363 KB

Teston-Pine Valley, 2010 PDF icon 3,664 KB

West Gormley Lands, 2010 PDF icon 4,430 KB

Albion Hills Conservation Area, 2009 PDF icon 7,009 KB PDF icon

Chester Springs, 2009 PDF icon 8,741 KB

Don Valley Brick Works, 2009 PDF icon 9,630 KB

Milliken Park, 2009 PDF icon 6,490 KB

Sun Valley And Snow-dump Study Area, 2009 PDF icon 2,319 KB

Bolton Resource Management Tract Study Area, 2008 PDF icon 7,102 KB

Dagmar Conservation Area, 2008 PDF icon 6,199 KB

Glen Major Study Area, 2008 PDF icon 776 KB

Indian Line Campground Study Area, 2008 PDF icon 1,820 KB

6431 and 6461 Steeles Study Area, 2007 PDF icon 5,591 KB

Centennial Park Study Area, 2007 PDF icon 5,591 KB

Mimico Creek Study Area, 2007 PDF icon 7,439 KB

Port Union Study Area, 2007 PDF icon 2,197 KB

Rowntree Mills Study Area, 2007 PDF icon 6,484 KB

Secord Study Area, 2007 PDF icon 6,149 KB

Sheppard and Meadowvale Study Area, 2007 PDF icon 5,614 KB

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