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The Town Hall Challenge 20 by '15

Can your municipality make the grade?


Joining the Town Hall Challenge 20 by '15 gives you:

  • Access to the best town hall energy benchmarking in the country
  • An energy-intensity target specific to your building
  • The impetus and inspiration to make savings
  • Canada-wide recognition of your progress
  • An excellent tool for engaging municipal employees around sustainability.


These Canadian Municipalities are taking the Town Hall Challenge, 20 by '15!

  • City of Barrie, ON
  • Town of Caledon, ON
  • City of Gatineau, QC
  • City of Mississauga, ON
  • City of Moncton, NB
  • City of Oshawa, ON
  • Region of Peel, ON
  • Town of Richmond Hill, ON
  • City of Toronto, ON
  • City of Windsor, ON

Year One Leaders!

First place: City of Moncton, NB - City Hall.  Moncton's town hall is operating below the 20 ekWh/sq. ft. target.  Congratulations to them.  The best in Canada right now.

The rest of the top five:  Toronto ON - Metro Hall; Mississauga ON - Civic Centre; Oshawa ON - City Hall; Toronto ON - City Hall


Mississauga Mayor, Hazel McCallion:

"Energy conservation is a municipal priority for cost, efficiency, leadership and environmental reasons. In our ongoing efforts to make our communities sustainable, it is crucial that we municipalities live green by pursuing energy efficiencies in our own facilities. I can't think of a more prominent and symbolic place to start than our town/city halls.

I respectfully encourage all Mayors and Councils across Canada to join the Town Hall Challenge 20 by '15. Together, we can show leadership, save money and move our municipalities towards sustainability."

Mayor Hazel McCallion, City of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Take the Challenge Today

Simply download our 20 By '15 Registration Package  and return it to Brian Dundas, at


Town Hall Challenge

Gatineau Town Hall 1
Gatineau Quebec Town Hall

Who has Canada's most energy efficient town hall?

The Mayors' Megawatt Challenge, a consortium of Canadian member municipalities working together to save money and energy since 2003, announces the Town Hall Challenge 20 by '15.  

All municipalities in Canada are invited to enter their town/city hall in the Challenge to pursue 20 ekWh/square foot of total energy intensity by the year 2015. Participating in 20 by '15 enables municipalities to gain recognition and make real energy and financial savings.

Town/City Halls are a focal point of our communities, and an excellent place for municipalities to exhibit their leadership on sustainability. This will be Canada's biggest municipal sector energy challenge ever. 

What Participating in the Town Hall Challenge 20 by '15 will do for you:

  •  Learn about and employ a 21st century approach to energy management  
  • Take control of your energy saving projects with the background information required to get the most out of contractors
  • Understand your buildings performance through benchmarking, not only at the building level, but at the systems level!
  • Find out how your town hall stacks up against others across the country 
  • Get Canada-wide recognition for your efforts.

Download our Town Hall Challenge White Paper

The Town Hall Challenge 20 by '15, its methodology and targets have been peer reviewed by some of the most respected energy experts in Canada. The scientific underpinning of the Challenge is explained in the Town Hall Challenge White Paper, which can be downloaded here:

Town Hall Challenge White Paper May - Final  


The Mayors' Megawatt Challenge


"I am happy to see that our City Hall performed so well in this challenge. The recognition is a testament to our commitment to reducing our corporate environmental footprint and being financially sustainable" said Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside.

"We were very pleased to perform so well in the Town Hall Challenge. We asked that our community find ways to become more sustainable in their businesses and homes and it's essential that we as a municipality lead by example," said Doug Dickerson, Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Sustainable Pickering Advisory Committee.

Why Town Halls?

City and town halls are at the heart of every municipality, and should be their flagships of sustainability. 

Town Halls have the profile and energy consumption to be seen and make a difference.

Think your Town Hall is too old or too different?

The initial round of benchmarking showed no correlation between age and energy performance.  We can all do it.  There are no excuses!

The Town Hall Challenge 20 by '15 is an initiative of the Mayors' Megawatt Challenge, which since 2003 has been bringing together leading municipalities to achieve exceptional levels of energy and environmental performance in municipal facilities.  

In 2011, the Mayors' Megawatt Challenge program went national with the Town Hall Challenge, which engaged cities and towns from eight provinces in identifying and recognizing some of the most energy efficient buildings in Canada.

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By taking the Town Hall Challenge 20 by '15, you will:

  • Benchmark the performance of your Town/City Hall in relation to others - 2012 to 2015
  • Receive an initial assessment and annual assessment reports
  • Receive semi-annual e-newsletters
  • Receive a certificate for participation
  • Receive recognition on the Town Hall Challenge website for both participation, and for meeting the target of 20 ekWh/sf

The results of the initial benchmarking showed that Canada's leading town and city halls are already performing at 20 ekWh per square foot.

You need to be there too! Take the challenge to reach this target in your town or city hall by 2015.

For more information or to sign up for the Town Hall Challenge 20 by '15, please download our 20 By '15 Registration Package  and return it to Brian Dundas, at



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