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Sustainable Schools


What is Sustainable Schools?

The Sustainable Schools program assists school boards in evaluating their energy performance, monitoring progress, and finding the tools required to make substantial and lasting improvements. Since 2007, Sustainable Schools has been working with hundreds of schools in more than 35 boards across Canada, establishing the magnitude of energy savings potential, and where those savings are to be found.

Energy Assessment Service

Most school boards can save far more energy, money and emissions than they think. The Energy Assessment Service (EAS) uses the latest benchmarking, diagnostics and standards to simply and reliably estimate the conservation potential of individual schools and the board as a whole. This service determines the energy savings potential for a number of representative schools, and extrapolates it to estimate the potential for the whole board. The EAS report assists school boards in identifying specific candidate schools for energy retrofits and operational improvements. It also gives local utility companies a reliable estimate of MW, MWh and M3 reduction potential in the school sector.

EAS Sample Report May 3, 2013 


Top Energy Performing Schools

In 2008, we introduced our annual Top Energy Performing Schools Report, which identifies and recognizes some of the most energy efficient schools and boards in North America.  Our latest report recognizes the top 20 energy efficient schools and highlights those showing the biggest savings over the last two years.

Download the Top Energy Performing Schools reports:

1. 2011 Top Performing Schools

2. 2009 Top Energy Performing Schools

3. 2008 Top Energy Performing Schools

For more information or to join Sustainable Schools, please contact:

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