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TRCA's Presentation on Underground Thermal Energy Storage

TRCA's Presentation on Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) Was a Success!

On July 30, a diverse group of people, including representatives from municipal and provincial governments, universities, businesses, utilities, and the non-profit sector came together to learn about and discuss Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES).

Underground thermal energy storage is an innovative technology, which enables seasonal storage. UTES has been well researched and tested in many European countries but has only recently been implemented in a few locations in Canada. In Europe, these technologies are now considered commercial and are becoming popular in office towers, communities and institutional buildings. In an increasingly energy-constrained society, UTES presents a significant opportunity for the interseasonal transfer of energy.

Aart Snijders' visit to the Greater Toronto Area from the Netherlands was timely because Toronto and Region Conservation and our partners are planning to look at the technical potential for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) and Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES) in the GTA in 2009.


Aart Snijders, IF Technology International
Aart Snijders' presentation included an overview of the aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) technology development and implementation in Europe. He discussed ATES system operating principles, along with the recent regulatory framework in Europe.
Aart Snijders' Presentation - 3,582K pdf icon

Bill Wong, SAIC Canada
Bill Wong reviewed borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) technology and gave a comprehensive overview of the successful implementation of the first large scale BTES system in North America in Okotoks Alberta.
Bill Wong's Presentation - 6,324K pdf icon

About the Speakers and the Companies

Mr. Aart Snijders holds a Master's degree of Science in Physics from the Eindhoven University of Technology, specializing in heat and mass transfer engineering. He has worked in the energy field since 1979 and, in 1983, became the head of the energy consultancy and engineering group for what is now Arcadis N.V. He was responsible for the development of ideas on energy efficient HVAC systems by utilizing aquifers for cold storage and designed several aquifer thermal energy storage projects. Starting in 1987, he was involved in research work in the field of Underground Thermal Energy Storage, which was performed in cooperation between specialists from other countries within the framework of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

In 1990, he established IF Technology bv, Arnhem, along with an associate, to promote the development and market deployment of new energy technologies and ATES in particular. The company has grown to 55 employees and is a leader in the field of underground thermal energy storage. Their achievements include the design and commissioning of over 300 medium- to large-scale projects with seasonal underground storage, including those in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway.

IF Technology International, based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, specializes in developing products and technological tools in the energy and environmental fields. Working in the field of renewable energy since 1989, IF Technology is the leading aquifer and borehole thermal storage design and engineering company in Europe. IF Technology also designs and implements large-scale ground coupled heat pump systems. IF Technology has successfully completed over 300 projects utilizing underground thermal energy storage (UTES) technologies in Europe. IF Technology (IF Tech) bring their vast amount of valuable real project implementation experience and learning points to the project team.

Mr. Bill Wong, P.Eng, a senior project manager and a process specialist, has over 25 years of technical and business experience in the environment, energy and healthcare sectors with expertise in project/program management, technology development and process facilitation. He is currently the program manager of SAIC Canada's renewable energy and climate change program.

Mr. Wong has been the project manager for a large-scale residential project in Okotoks, Alberta involving solar thermal energy, underground thermal energy storage, district energy system and building energy efficiency implementation (Drake Landing Solar Community, Okotoks, AB). He also managed and led the feasibility study, field testing and detailed design for the Okotoks solar project. Currently Mr. Wong is providing services to the City of Medicine Hat, the City of Regina, the City of London, the Town of Markham and the City of Yellowknife on a number of feasibility studies on renewable energy based community energy systems.

Mr. Wong holds undergraduate (nuclear and thermal power, 1979) and graduate (solar energy, 1981) degrees in engineering from the University of Toronto and a Masters degree in business administration from the University of Ottawa (1991).

SAIC Canada is the Canadian subsidiary of SAIC, which is a multi-national high-technology research and engineering company, providing products and services to commercial and government customers in energy, environmental systems and engineering, systems integration, information technology, telecommunications, national security, health systems and services and transportation. Since its founding in 1969, SAIC has grown into a company of more than 44,000 employees in 150 cities worldwide and over US$8 billion in annual sales. SAIC is a Fortune 500 company (number 298, April 2007). SAIC Canada's Renewable Energy and Climate Change Program has successfully completed the feasibility study, design management and project implementation of the Drake Landing solar seasonal storage demonstration project in Okotoks, AB.