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The Rooftop Solar Program

PV Rooftop Panels

Toronto and Region Conservation is seeking to drive greater adoption of rooftop solar on buildings by landowners and facility managers across the greater Toronto area and beyond. The Rooftop Solar Program is a project to understand the issues, barriers and solutions to move the market for rooftop solar in industrial and commercial developments. 

A number of activities will be undertaken in the Rooftop Solar Program, including:

1. Rooftop Solar Research - research on local, national and international case studies of rooftop solar installations.  This will include a review of the related legislation and policy frameworks in the municipalities, Province of Ontario and Government of Canada.

 2. Focus Group Interviews - through one-on-one interviews, the core issues and barriers that limit the implementation of roof top solar projects will be identified.

 3. Stakeholder Workshop - utilizing the rooftop solar research and case studies, along with a draft report of recommendations, a stakeholder workshop will be hosted with no more than 50 key stakeholders. The purpose of the stakeholder workshop is to highlight the possibilities of roof top solar gleaned from the background research and to ground truth the recommendations with stakeholders.

 4. Final Report - based on the input received at the stakeholder workshop, the report and its recommendations for implementation by TRCA and its partners will be finalized.

For more information, contact:

Bernie McIntyre
Manager, Community Transformation Programs
416-461-6600 X5326