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The Renewable Energy Roadmap


Solar1In February 2009, Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA ), in conjunction with York University's Faculty of Environmental Studies, issued a report entitled:  Ontario's Road Map to Prosperity: Developing Renewable Energy to its Full Potential, which analyzes barriers to renewable energy and lays out a series of recommendations. 

The road map is based on three crucial principles that form the foundation for achieving the multiple benefits of developing renewable energy sources to their full potential in Ontario.

1. Establishing a robust domestic market that prioritizes sustained renewable energy development.

2. Development of a strong financial infrastructure that ensures that Ontarians can actively invest in renewable energy development.

3. Strengthening the province's educational networks to develop the skilled workforce required to manufacture, design, install and maintain renewable energy systems and all associated support infrastructure.

Download the Renewable Energy Road Map Report.


The Renewable Energy Roadmap Workshop

On June 19, 2009, key players in the renewable energy field gathered for a workshop to analyze the barriers to renewable energy discussed in the report, and recommendations in light of Ontario's Green Energy and Green Economy Act and to derive practical ideas to address local issues and opportunities to achieve its goals. 


Download the Renewable Energy Road Map Workshop Report .Roadmap Workshop

You can also download the Workshop Presentations below.

Municipal Global Policies Presentation (covered by Dr. Jose Etcheverry)

Rob McMonagle, Senior Energy Consultant, City of Toronto Presentation

Dr. Jose Etcheverry, York University Presentation

Dr. Dieter Salomon, Lord Mayor of the City of Freiburg, Germany Presentation


For more information on this project contact:

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