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Humber Trails

Bridge Over the East Humber River at Humber Trails

A new trail plan is on its way! Take the survey and tell us what you would like to see happen to this beautiful property!

Trail User Survey

About the Property

Humber Trails or sometimes referred to as Humber Trails Conservation Area or Humber Trails Forest and Wildlife Area is a small, 48 acre property located on Mill Road, just south of King Road in the Township of King. The property is surrounded by private residences and agricultural fields with the East Humber River flowing through it.

Humber Trails Property Boundary, December 2015

The property has a unique history dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. Early pioneers established the hamlet of King Creek which is the old name of the area in which Humber Trails is located. A post office and three mills were built in this small community including the first sawmill in King Township to have a circular saw. With the introduction of steam and electric power, these mills became obsolete and the community mostly dissolved around the time period of World War I. There is not a lot of information regarding Humber Trails or King Creek from between around 1913 and 1954.

TRCA’s involvement in the area came after Hurricane Hazel. In 1954, TRCA expropriated the land and created the Humber Trails Conservation Area. For approximately 15 years the property was maintained as a manicured park. Several interesting events took place on the property including car shows and neighbourhood gatherings. After this time period, it was decided to turn the property in to a nature preserve and active uses were prohibited.

Today, the property has several trails that used and maintained for by the local community. In the winter, one of the small ponds is cleared by neighbours and becomes a skating rink. Another unique aspect of the property is a Burr Oak tree with an approximate age of 180 years. Due to its unique placement (next to remains of a well) it has been hypothesized that this tree was planted with the initial development of the community of King Creek.

Trail Plan

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is leading the preparation of a trail plan for the Humber Trails property. This plan will be focused on creating a positive and safe visitor experience for the community.

You can stay informed by checking this web page or by attending one of our planned public meetings (dates will be posted in 2016).

To get involved, or for more information, please contact:

Adam Dembe - Planner, Greenspace Conservation at

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