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Nashville Conservation Reserve

Hiking in the Nashville Conservation Reserve

Nashville Conservation Reserve is now 2225 acres in size!

About the Property

The Nashville Conservation Reserve (NCR) is a large Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) owned property located in the Region of York - within the municipalities of King and Vaughan. The landmass is approximately 2225 acres in size and is found within the Main Humber subwatershed of the Humber River watershed. Because of its large size, and current and future ecological value, the property is an integral part of TRCA’s natural heritage system.

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Trails Open to the Public

Future Trail Plan

The trail plan includes local loop trails within Nashville as well as interregional trails to connect to communities such as Nobleton, Kleinburg and Bolton. The trail system is designed to accommodate a variety of users and offers different trail types, lengths and difficulties. Approximately 24.9 kilometres of trail have been proposed for the property which will decrease the total amount of trails on the property by roughly 40 percent. See the resources section below for the trail plan map.

Stewardship Committee

The NCR Stewardship Committee assists TRCA in implementing the NCR Management Plan, provides a forum for public input, and determines implementation priorities

To get involved, or for more information, please contact:

Adam Dembe - Planner, Greenspace Conservation at