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Duffins Creek and Carruthers Creek Watersheds

Duffins Creek and Carruthers Creek watersheds are among the healthiest in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Image of Carruthers Creek

The Duffins Creek and Carruthers Creek river systems are in the eastern Greater Toronto Area. These creeks drain into the north shore of Lake Ontario and connect communities across Durham Region and York Region, including Pickering, Ajax, Markham, Whitchurch-Stouffville, and Uxbridge.

Fast Facts: Duffins Creek

  • Watershed size: 287 square kilometres
  • Population (2011): 102,290
  • Municipalities: Ajax, Pickering, Markham, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Uxbridge, Durham, York
  • Length of river system: 81 kilometres
  • Land use: 71% rural; 19% urbanizing; 10% urban
  • Natural cover: 40% of the watershed has natural cover, with 25% forest, 11% meadow, 3% successional, 2% wetland
  • Flora and fauna species: 650 plant; 31 fish; 135 bird; 11 amphibian; 29 mammal; 6 reptile
  • Unique features: rehabilitated former aggregate pits in the headwaters; significant public land holdings with 24% of watershed owned by Canadian government, 11% of watershed owned by Ontario government and approximately 10% of watershed owned by TRCA
  • Parts of the watershed are also protected in Rouge National Urban Parkthe Duffins-Rouge Agriculture Preserve, and the provincial Greenbelt


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Fast Facts: Carruthers Creek

  • Watershed size: 37 square kilometres
  • Municipalities: Ajax, Pickering, Durham
  • Length of river system: 20 kilometres
  • Flora and fauna species: 41 fish, 91 bird, 6 amphibian, 12 mammal, 2 reptile, 345 plant.
  • Unique features: Carruthers Marsh Wetland Complex, a sensitive, protected 8 hectare estuarine area and a transition zone with a coastal marsh, swamp, and forest
  • Included in Ontario's Greenbelt, which protects rural land


Where can you visit Carruthers Creek?


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