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Highland Creek Watershed Projects and Initiatives

Highland Creek

Connect with the Creek

Visit Connect with the Creek for current information about projects and initiatives in the Highland Creek watershed.

Urban Forest Project (2013)

The Highland Creek Urban Forest Project is a multi-faceted, collaborative, and community-driven initiative to enhance the urban forest within the Highland Creek watershed, while educating local residents about the importance of our urban forest and the impact of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).The Highland Creek Green Team, in partnership with TRCA and LEAF, are working to deliver:

1) Community engagement and educational activities;
2) Door-to-door educational outreach to encourage residents to plant native trees in their front yards and backyards, and to engage in discussions about EAB; and
3) A community planting event in Cebarbrook Park.

A healthy urban forest is vital to the health and well-being of residents, providing air pollution removal, purification and regulation of water, carbon sequestration, habitat for breeding and migratory species, natural aesthetics and outdoor recreation.

The Highland Creek Urban Forest Project encourages residents to take action and provides critical educational resources to support residents in successfully planting and caring for new trees in their neighbourhood. This project will enable the community to receive an improved understanding of the impact EAB and the relationship between trees, humans, and climate change.

Take Action! Visit our events page to see how you can become involved with the Urban Forest Project.

The Urban Forest Project is generously funded by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.


Green Team (2012 - Present)

The Highland Creek Green Team, comprised of passionate Highland Creek watershed community members, is now taking the Greening Plans and putting them into action on the ground - actively addressing key issues that impact the health of the Highland Creek watershed including urban stormwater runoff and the loss of natural features.

With the involvement of homeowners, apartment residents, school groups, college students, and other special interest groups, the Highland Creek Green Team is learning and informing others about local environmental issues and are building capacity to effect change at home, school, in parks, and other sites around their neighbourhoods.

Are you interested in the initiatives identified in the Greening Plans? Do you want to help make a difference in your neighbourhood? Take action and get involved with the Highland Creek Green Team! Join us at the next Green Team event!


Neighbourhood Greening Plans (2010 - 2012)

The Highland Creek Neighbourhood Greening Project officially ended in September 2012 with the publication of the Neighbourhood Greening Plans.

To formulate these Greening Plans, TRCA, the City of Toronto, and our community partners hosted a series of Neighbourhood Greening workshops. These workshops were led by the design team from The Planning Partnership and the aim was to gather input from watershed residents on ways to green their neighbourhoods. From improved trail connections, to community and forest enhancement projects, we listened to your comments and ideas!

Click here to download the Neighbourhood Greening Plans


Highland Creek Watershed Greening Strategy

The Highland Creek watershed is the only remaining watershed within the TRCA's jurisdiction that has not undergone a comprehensive process to develop an integrated watershed strategy to address the multiple issues and opportunities for regeneration of urban watersheds.

The goal of the Highland Creek Watershed Greening Strategy is to provide a strategic restoration action plan to enhance the Highland Creek valley system and overall watershed function. The strategy will focus on addressing urban stormwater management and terrestrial natural heritage system improvements. It will identify strategic opportunities for land owners, land managers, land planners, community groups, schools, and residents to implement projects at a neighbourhood scale. Further, it will serve to identify restoration projects that may be implemented in association with the City of Toronto's Geomorphic Systems Master Implementation Plan for the Highland Creek.


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